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Towards the end of the movie, Batman 74 KB (11,009 words) - 01:48, 23 August 2015 Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Hamato Yoshi is training his own ninjas after seeing a shuriken with his clan symbol on a shuriken left behind by the Turtles during a recent fight on a 68 KB (10,149 words) - 08:29, 28 August 2015 Jutsu (Naruto) large points, causing the Rasengan to take on the appearance of a giant fūma shuriken, with the Rasengan in the center remaining a perfect sphere
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Like the Robot Masters from Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 6 (canonically), while 88 KB (2,118 words) - 23:41, 17 August 2015 View (previous 20 | next 20) (20 | 50 | 100 | 250 | 500) Retrieved from "https://en
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Known to have fought Goldenglove I in the past
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Kung Fu Frog - A Guardian 144 KB (23,710 words) - 08:01, 2 June 2015 G
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The 93 KB (14,124 words) - 08:58, 15 August 2015 List of Ranma ½ characters overly decorated
He also summons a crow familiar 43 KB (6,426 words) - 11:39, 9 February 2015 List of Astro City characters a layer of ceramic which were simple bludgeons, as well as dove-shaped shuriken
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Rygart, however, is one of the few exceptions; as 42 KB (4,419 words) - 02:58, 15 August 2015 Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings Kasuga, though the latter doesn't look at it that way
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He also summons a crow familiar 59 KB (3,058 words) - 11:28, 9 August 2015 Darna (2005 TV series) Speed Limited force-field casting abilities Winged medallion ruby rays "Shuriken belt medallions" The Magic White Stone (Mahiwagang Puting Bato) - the Adranikan 28 KB (4,393 words) - 00:39, 15 June 2015 List of MÄR characters user's hand to attack
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Techno-Viper - The Techno-Viper is an energy-draining Bio Viper that can 59 KB (8,888 words) - 14:12, 11 August 2015 List of Dragon Ball episodes has been sent to kill Goku
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Kouga uses this in hand-to-hand combat
After games of hide and seek, racing and shuriken throwing, Ninja Murasaki finally decides to fight, and Goku breaks his 172 KB (383 words) - 15:43, 26 August 2015 Shang-Chi various hand-weapons including swords, staves, kali sticks, nunchaku, and shuriken
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Vore Girl Giantess tosses her 3 inch shrunken man into the air
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The rose bomb pierces the Devil Star's chest along with the feather shuriken
The series, especially as written by Doug Moench was notable for its 40 KB (5,266 words) - 19:17, 16 July 2015 Batsuit the fins can be launched by pressing a button and fired to become like shuriken (commonly known as "throwing stars")
Silver Samurai tachyon powers are not evident here, however, as he is seen throwing giant shurikens and his supers involve empowering his katana with elemental properties 22 KB (2,879 words) - 02:56, 25 August 2015 Ninja sword Makibishi, iron caltrops Bo-shuriken, throwing darts Bo-shuriken, with linen flights Chigriki, chain and weight 62 KB (7,648 words) - 13:54, 15 August 2015 List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes (season 5) studying Kakuzu's corpse, Tsunade tells Kakashi not to let Naruto use Rasen Shuriken again because it will permanently destroy his ability to manipulate chakra 25 KB (533 words) - 19:48, 3 August 2015 Broken Blade doing many things from creating light to operating machinery to riding giant mecha called 'Golems'
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Supersonic 76 KB (11,809 words) - 19:09, 21 August 2015 List of Teen Titans characters launch X-themed weapons and projectiles (including but not limited to shuriken, throwing stars, saw blades, timed explosives, and constrictive or adhesive 154 KB (23,142 words) - 04:22, 25 August 2015 List of Celebrity Deathmatch episodes Sean Connery vs
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He uses trickery and traps in battle, and often utilizes shuriken, smoke bombs, in his hands lethal (cheap) paper swords, a whirlwind of 83 KB (13,384 words) - 15:42, 5 July 2015 List of Sengoku Basara characters ninja Kasuga, though the latter doesn't look at it that way
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